Border Crossing Crisis

The surge of young illegal immigrants flooding across our southern border is being called a crisis by the Department of Homeland Security. The Department of Health and Human Services is engaged in a massive effort to house and care for tens of thousands of minors who have survived a “death train” ride and extensive abuse on their dangerous trip to the USA.

American citizens are rightfully concerned about serious diseases being delivered into neighborhoods where their own kids play and go to school. Some are questioning the wisdom of diverting the already limited resources being used to care for American children to support uninvited foreigners who broke our immigration laws. It is time to put an end to this unfolding disaster with some tough love.

This onslaught is being brought to America from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador by paid Coyotes who deliver minors into the hands of American Border Agents. It is being reported that Coyotes are charging $6,000 to $9,000 per person to “accompany” these kids to America. The Coyotes are actually advertising their child transportation services to unsuspecting families with the promise of free education and other benefits in America.

Drug cartels are exploiting our compassion and poor families in South America reaping big profits as well as creating cover for massive drug shipments into the United States. The cartels are also trafficking people with a nefarious agenda around our distracted Border Agents. Muslim praying blankets, Quran’s and other items from the Middle East and China are being found on our soil near the border creating serious national security questions.

We are witnessing what may be the most heartless exploitation of children in our hemisphere and unfortunately some well-meaning politicians and clergy are aiding and abetting this abuse. We should act now, with true kindness, by exposing the cartels while caring for the kids as we reunite them with their families in South America. When the kids are returned to their country the criminals will not be able to exploit any more families which will end this evil enterprise.

We The People Ohio Valley stand with dozens of other organizations in urging Congress to put the health and safety of Americans first. Send the migrants back home and thereby stop the “death train” in its tracks. The presidents of Honduras and Guatemala have both publicly said, “Please, send our children back”, and their wishes should be honored now.

We The People-Ohio Valley is an organization made up of like-minded people from all walks of life and political persuasion including Democrat, Republican and Independent who are dedicated to educating the public about current and historic issues.