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Some stories you may be interested in.

McCabe’s history of lying and misleading.

1.4 Million Households Drop Off Food Stamps Under Trump.

Americans’ confidence in their financial future growing

Creeping Socialism

President Trump, “We will never be a Socialist country.”

Democrat blocks Anti-Infanticide Bill

Intel Operation against Trump, The Hill

Democrat Progressive Caucus Has Extensive Ties Marxist Organizations.

Model Admits She Made Up Russian Collusion Story To Get Out Of Thai Jail.

Actor Jussie Smollett story shifting

President Trump’s Accomplishments can not be denied.

President Trump proceeding with State Of The Union, but where?

Democrats reject Trumps border wall offer

March for life 2019 gets surprize visitors

President Trump canceled Pelosi overseas trip

Ocasio-Cortez – Medicare and free tuition for all

Border farmers find Islamic prayer rugs on their property.

Threat to bomb the White House leads to arrest.

4 Americans killed by suicide bomber in Syria.

Southern Poverty Law Center accused of racketeering with hate to harm free speech.

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